Because of climate change, flying will become more dangerous

Turbulence in air travel can significantly increase due to climate change, warns a new study. Because of this, the risk of serious health complications will increase, the prices for fuel and the maintenance of aircraft will rise.

The increase in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide will change the high-altitude jet stream above the North Atlantic air corridor. And this will lead to an increase in turbulence, Paul Williams of the University of Reading (United Kingdom) found.

By the middle of the century, if efforts to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will not be accepted, the volume of airspace with an easy turbulence will increase by 59%. Areas with easy-moderate turbulence will increase by 75%; With moderate – by 94%; With a moderately strong – by 127%; With a strong one – by 149%.

Light turbulence means only minor discomfort for passengers, possibly increased nausea or anxiety. Strong turbulence can lead to complications with health and even hospitalization.

Expansion of the turbulence zones will require additional fuel to redirect the routes, and will also cause additional aircraft wear.

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