Before flight to Mars of people will turn into cyborgs

Scientists have understood that they will be able to send to distant space only “the advanced person”.

The Russian experts have realized that whatever was the spaceship until it is able to ensure full safety for a brittle and difficult human body during long flights to far-out planets. For this reason scientists want to be engaged in improvement of a human body to make him less susceptible to negative impact in space. So in the list of works in which Roskosmos and the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) are engaged the kiborgization has entered.

State corporations have already agreed to make the interdepartmental program for a kiborgization which will be approved and be financed by FASO and Roskosmos. She will be aimed at basic researches which will become a reserve for perspective technologies.

As technologies for creation of the interplanetary ship for people develop slower rates, than improvement of opportunities of the person, scientists are going to go on this way. It is supposed that before “long journey” to people bodies, the most subject to destruction, will change for artificial. It can save travelers in far space from influence of radio
tion, lack of terrestrial gravitation and others negative impact of long stay in space. Scientists carry such opportunity and to already sensational idea of flights to Mars.
The inetgration of consciousness of the person in a control system and control of the ship is also possible. And, though it is technologies even not “tomorrow’s, and it is rather a day after tomorrow, but on prospect we see a number of the possible areas of work here”, – experts are sure.

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