Black holes capable of destroying the Earth

Fortunately, next to the Land there is not a single black hole. The nearest of them is called A0620-00 and is approximately 2800 light years from us. However, this does not mean that it can’t kill us. In fact, before the advent of black holes happen all-destroying supernova explosions, which mark their birth. These explosions are capable of destroying all life on the planet, even if their epicenter is located several thousand light-years.

Right after the star (or star pair) quanta collapse into the dark black hole, there are Titanic releases of energy, which in science are called gamma-ray bursts. Covering our planet, the ozone layer is our natural protection from gamma-radiation of the Sun, however, the gamma radiation produced in supernova explosions, thousands of times more powerful and therefore able to literally fry our planet in contact. Moreover, gamma-ray bursts is a phenomenon so amazing that even can destroy the connection in our DNA.

Since this radiation is invisible, and its speed equal to the speed of light, then most likely we will not even have time to understand if it will strike us. Here we have tropical forests, and a minute — scorched wastelands of Mad max.

The good news is that gamma-ray bursts are quite rare, and to represent a danger for us, they need thoroughly to break through our galaxy. Fortunately, such violations of our borders is noted.

Below you can see an animated video in which in more detail explains the process of gamma-ray bursts and what consequences they can cause us on Earth.

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