Brazil exploded meteorite

Urban residents Fabriciano, Gonzaga and Virginópolis, witnessed the meteor that bright flash lit up the night sky. A lot of the eyewitnesses saw the fireball green flew across the sky, then there was a bright flash and heard a loud sound of an explosion.

I was walking home from work, stopped near the Church, when suddenly a bright light exploded in the sky, and then a loud thundering sound, told Lourdes Aparecida Barbosa.


I was home with my friend Camille, when suddenly through the window the room was flooded with bright light and became as bright as day. Then there was a loud explosion, like thunder in the sky, says Aparecida Barros.

My friends and I were standing in the yard, when over the hill appeared a bright ogenyi ball and it flashed across the sky, then all around was illuminated with a bright flash and was very light, and the sky rumbled, says Adilson Ambrose.

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