British Columbia resident woke up with a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow

A Golden City resident concluded that a meteorite fragment spotted by locals in the sky over the area miraculously missed her head.

On October 4, many people could observe a fireball that lit up the night sky, and images of the meteor flying over Lake Louise were universally admired.

At this time, however, Golden’s resident Ruth Hamilton was sound asleep. At least, she was asleep until she was awakened by the sound of rumbling under the ceiling and the feeling of shrapnel on her face.

“I just jumped up and turned on the light, unable to figure out what the hell had happened,” Hamilton said.

She said she looked around to get her bearings and noticed a rock lying neatly on a pillow next to where her head usually lies.

Hamilton called 911, unsure of what to do with the rock. A police officer arrived on the scene, and after making sure that the rock was not the result of ongoing construction in Kicking Horse Canyon, they settled on the only other explanation – a meteorite had gone through her roof.

“We called the Canyon Project to see if any blasting was going on there, but they said they saw a bright light in the sky that exploded and caused some thunderclaps,” Hamilton says.

Hamilton says she is perfectly fine and avoided any injuries, and that she plans to keep the rock, saying her grandchildren think it’s pretty cool.

“I’m just amazed at the fact that this is a star that fell from the sky, probably billions of years old,” Hamilton said.

She also says the experience has made her look at life in a new way.

“The one thing I can say is that life is priceless, and it can be cut short at any moment, even if you think you’re safe in your bed,” Hamilton said.

“I hope I never take it for granted again.”

As for the damage to her home, Hamilton said her insurance company will check to see if the holes in the roof made by the meteorite are covered by insurance. Apparently, the company has never before received such a claim.

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