Can Mars be ringed

Will there ever ring around Mars? Or maybe they already exist, just lying in an invisible plane? Maybe the angle at which we observe on this planet that does not allow us to see them?

Scientists estimate that in a few million years, the satellite of Mars, Phobos will be chopped into pieces that will come together in a flat ring, such as one of those rings that are now around Saturn. The researchers suggest that the particles of the two moons of Mars may have to surround the Red planet, gradually forming a ring around Mars.

For a long time scientists think that theoretically, the Mars could be ringed. Solid particles gradually destroys the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos may have already formed yet subtle ring around the parent planet.

Large particles the moons of Mars may be mixed with particles of interplanetary space and eventually to turn into real rings around the planet.

However, the potential density of the Martian rings may eventually decrease due to collisions with Phobos meteoroid.

More detailed studies in this area will be conducted using scientific instruments mounted on Board the spacecraft MAVEN. This probe is able to examine not only the atmosphere of Mars, but with the help of sensor dust to reveal her faction, and to determine the chemical composition.

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