China’s Tiangong 1 space station will soon enter the Earth’s atmosphere

Eight tons of the Chinese space station Tiangong 1 is about to explode in a bright fireball at the entrance to the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere. Tiangong-1 will enter the Earth’s atmosphere between March 31, April 1 (UTC).

Thianggong-1 will drop somewhere between +42.8 and -42.8 degrees of latitude. Where exactly this eight-ton gift from space will fall is not known. Millions of people live within the expected fall areas. The station’s breakdowns will fall into the territory of thousands of square kilometers in length and tens of kilometers wide as fragments are scattered throughout the area.

There is a danger that the fragments of the station containing hydrazine, which is a highly toxic substance, will fall into the ocean and onto land.

Link to track the trajectory of the fall of Tiangong 1.

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