Color photos of the Universe from GLEAM

The first-ever photos of the Universe in a radar tekhnotsvet were made the radio telescope worth 50 million dollars on an autbeka in Western Australia.

The innovative Galactic and extragalactic complex of the wide overview of all sky in Murchison (GLEAM) and its scientific team was presented to us by multi-colored images of 300 thousand galaxies which are at distance of millions and billions of years from us.

The spectacular photos published by Royal astronomical community show, the Universe as if looked if a human eye could differentiate radio waves. Three colors — red, blue and green — mean physical processes which happen in space.

The leading researcher of a mission of GLEAM doctor Natascia Hurley-Walker told that observation offers a new view on the huge sizes of space. “When you usually look up at the sky… you are limited to what you can see — Hurley-Walker says. — Thanks to the radio telescope, we can look at the huge scale of the Universe. We see bright galaxies with supermassive black holes and we can receive this improbable picture of the sky”.

Doctor Hurley-Walker methodically processed 45 thousand images in radio frequencies of 70-230 megahertz to provide to fans of astronomy the color catalog of celestial bodies.

Desert arrangement of a complex of the wide overview in Murchison and absence in this area of foreign radio signals were decisive for carrying out three years’ observation exactly here.

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