Comet “The Incredible Hulk” no longer threatens the Earth

The deadly comet, which swept to the Earth with great speed, no longer threatens all living things. It was supposed to approach the Earth in August of this year, but two weeks ago it crumbled to a lot of debris.

Comet C / 2017 S3 was christened “The Incredible Hulk” because of the green color of the gas shell. The object was first discovered in September 2017. In August of this year, the “Hulk” was supposed to get as close as possible to the Earth at a distance of only 113 million kilometers. This information caused real panic among some scientists. So, comet explorer Yevgeny Dmitriev argued that the Earth will pass through the gas-dust trail of the comet, which will lead to the formation of a “cometary electromagnetic pulse” and will cause a total blackout on Earth.

In the grim scenario of Dmitriev, because of the space process, all the electronic equipment on Earth will be out of order. Transport will stop, planes will fall, patients in hospitals will remain without necessary equipment. However, we will not see this – the “Incredible Hulk” decided not to expose the danger to the earthlings and kindly fell apart.

The destruction of the comet occurred on July 15. This is quite an ordinary outcome for hyperbolic comets whose orbit is not closed. Usually the decay of the comet nucleus takes place at the point of the orbit closest to the Sun. But the “Hulk” was impatient and disintegrated about a month ahead of schedule. However, even if the comet was much more stable, the apocalypse of our civilization would not threaten. According to astronomers, at a distance of 113 million kilometers to Earth “deadly” object would not pose any threat.

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