Cosmic rays and earthquakes: a direct link

Cosmic rays, which carry enormous amounts of energy, could be the cause of earthquakes. This is confirmed by new research that has been published in the journal Nature. According to these studies, there is a direct link between cosmic rays and earthquakes.

How do cosmic rays work?

Cosmic rays are streams of particles that come to Earth from outer space. These particles have very high energy and can penetrate any material, including the Earth’s crust. When cosmic rays meet air molecules, they create cascades of particles that can affect the Earth’s crust.

How are cosmic rays related to earthquakes?

Researchers from Japan and the United States have found that cosmic rays can cause earthquakes. They compared data on earthquakes that occurred in Japan between 2004 and 2014 with data on cosmic rays from satellites. The researchers found that in the days before an earthquake, more cosmic rays came to Earth than usual.

Why can cosmic rays cause earthquakes?

Cosmic rays can cause earthquakes because they create cascades of particles that can change the electrical charge of the Earth’s crust. This can create stresses in the Earth’s crust that can cause an earthquake.

What does this mean for us?

This new research can help scientists better understand how earthquakes happen and how they can be prevented. For example, if we can predict when an earthquake will happen, we can evacuate people from dangerous areas. Also, this research can help scientists better understand how our planet works and how it interacts with outer space.

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