Created the world’s first space-faring nation “Asgardia”

An international group of scientists, engineers, lawyers and businessmen have announced the establishment of a state in space. The unusual name space, the country received after the mythical heavenly city, which was ruled by the Norse God Odin.

Although Asgardia has no territory, its creators are already offering anyone wishing to obtain a new nationality. For this you need to register on the website Asgardia.

According to organizers, the idea behind the creation of the new state, simple – to form a new legal framework for the peaceful use of outer space, free from the control of earthly Nations.

The main effort in the creation of a new state made Igor ashurbeyli, the Russian scientist and engineer who in 2013 founded the Aerospace international research centre (AIRC) in Vienna.

Ashurbeyli said at a press conference in Paris: Scientific and technological components of the project can be explained in just three words – peace, access, and security. According to him, is a global, unifying and humanitarian project.

The word protection means the following: to provide to all mankind the modern shield from space man-made and natural threats to life on Earth. First of all this refers to space debris (a problem that is receiving increasing attention), falling asteroids and coronal mass ejections from the solar surface.

The launch of the first satellite of the new state is planned for 2017 — 60 years after launching the first satellite. This event will mark a new milestone in the space age, I think the creators of the unusual project. For the reason that the satellite is independent of any current state on Earth. The device will belong to the new nation, which will create its own regulatory framework, the flag and other national symbols.

It all sounds like a rather ambitious plan, since the combined forces of the space agencies and military specialists around the world still decide how to prevent the collision of their own satellites, not to mention the protection of Earth from asteroid the size of a large city.

In addition, it is not clear whether the creators of the new States have the financial and technical capabilities to launch their own satellite.

According to the project managers, the work on the project is completely financed by personal funds. Of course, we intend to use crowdfunding and private donations. We are glad to cooperate with new partners and investors, adds ashurbeyli.

Such an initiative can be considered a kind of attempt to circumvent the control of the international outer space Treaty (Outer Space Treaty), according to which the countries have the obligation to control any space activity carried out from its territory (whether commercial, non-profit organizations or public bodies).

In this case, the country takes responsibility for any damage that can cause boosters or a satellite in space and on Earth.

At the moment Asgardia not recognized by any other country in the world, and the UN. In this regard, it remains unclear how and where will the launch of the satellite. Now this is just an announcement, but it will happen — promises ashurbeyli.

In the meantime, the fact is that if the launch did take place without the consent of those issues that, according to the current outer space Treaty, it will go to another sheet (recognised) countries.

According to ashurbeyli, Asgardia is a kind of matryoshka collected from philosophy, law and technology. Everything else is hidden inside, and further details will be revealed in the near future.

While Asgardia begins as a digital state with a single companion and citizens scattered across the planet. After registration, the first 100 of thousands of people applying for a new citizenship, a team of scientists will hold a consultation with the UN membership in this new state.

At the time of this writing, in Asgardia checked in about 27 thousand people. So outlines really serious and ambitious plans. It remains to wait for their development and implementation.

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