Curiosity rises ever higher to the Sharpe mountain

In the current year 2017, the Curuiosity rover continues to explore Sharpe Mountain, climbing its higher layers.

Even before the rover landed on the surface of the Red Planet, scientists were impressed with the four unique landscapes of the Sharp Mountains region. The new area, that is, a new layer of this mountain received an informal name “Vera Rubin Ridge” in honor of the astronomer Vera Cooper Rubin (1928-2016).

“Our campaign to explore the Vera Rubin Ridge area began,” said Ashwyn Vasawada, coordinator at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, California, USA).

“At the moment, the rover moves parallel to this crest, observing it from different angles, as it makes its way to a safe route along the top of this ridge.”

The main feature of this area is the presence of a mineral of iron oxide, that is, hematite, which can form under wet conditions and give scientists information about the ancient environment.

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