Earth from a distance of 63.6 million kilometers

The US interplanetary station OSIRIS-REx took this picture on January 17, 2018, as part of the technical tests. At the time of shooting, the device was at a distance of 63.6 million kilometers from the Earth, moving away at a speed of 8.5 km / s.

NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona / Lockheed Martin

In the photo you can see our planet – a tiny bright spot in the center, and also the Moon – an even smaller point to the right of the Earth.

However, this is not all that is in the image. So, as NASA explained in the description for the picture, in the upper left corner of you can see the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. In the upper right corner of the photo is Khamal – the brightest star in the constellation of Aries. The Earth and the Moon are surrounded by five stars in the constellation of China.

The OSIRIS-REx station was launched on September 8, 2016. It is expected that it will reach the asteroid. Bennu in August this year, and return to Earth.

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