Earth is under powerful cosmic radiation after X1 flare

After recently occurred outbreak on the Sun, which class was estimated as X1 (strong) and which by all data from satellites tracking the Sun, and NOAA was predicted in the direction of the Earth – October 30-31 was predicted approach of the plasma cloud, which should cause a powerful geomagnetic storm, but something strange happens.

A geomagnetic storm was recorded today, October 31, but its strength, estimated at class Cr3, is nothing compared to the power and volume of the plasma mass ejected by the flare.

NOAA reports that “CME hit the Earth’s magnetic field on October 31 at about 10:00 UT. The impact was weak – far from the expected “big bang.” What happened? Perhaps most of the CME did not hit our planet on October 28; after all, it was directed somewhat south of the Sun-Earth line. Despite the weakness of the shock, small G1-class geomagnetic storms are still possible in the coming hours.”

Not hit? Let me – all the data from the circumsolar tracking satellites, as well as the NASA and NOAA computer models that are designed to predict the propagation of plasma clouds after flares showed and show that the cloud should have already covered the Earth.

It is worth noting that both NASA and NOAA completely gloss over the fact that since the outburst (October 28) our planet has been under the most powerful and I would even say off-scale radiation – cosmic radiation (cosmic radiation), the level of high energy protons is simply off the scale.

Yes – according to NOAA the plasma cloud “has gone somewhere” and they justify these “conclusions” only on the fact that there is no geomagnetic storm, which should have caused auroral flare in the USA, Europe and Russia. But let me, is the impact of emissions occurring on the Sun limited to auroras?

Cosmic rays which since October 28th uninterruptedly irradiates the Earth with streams of protons of high energy and radiation do not count?

To make it clear to you what I am talking about – imagine that you put the Earth in a microwave oven and turn it on at full power. The consequences? Put a chicken egg in the microwave and see the consequences. The Earth is somewhat like a chicken egg, with a shell, a crust, and everything else, including the liquid core.

High energy protons are particles for which there are no barriers, they penetrate the Earth through and in addition to the devastating effects of radiation on all living organisms, these high energy protons undoubtedly have an impact on the entire Earth, including volcanic and tectonic activity.

Even though the Aurora Borealis did not erupt, the effects of this flare in the form of radiation and irradiation have continued from October 28 to the present day. Radiation of such power can not but provoke natural cataclysms in the form of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. It is just a delayed process and will take some time to activate.

In conclusion I would like to note the fact that recently NASA and NOAA forecasts concerning “space weather” remind guessing by coffee grounds and in most cases they do not coincide with reality.

I have studied the data from satellites and about cosmic ray fluxes I have already written, but they also indicate that the plasma cloud from the ejection has not yet approached the Earth at all.

We are exposed to radiation, not observing the collision of plasma with the Earth’s magnetosphere. From this we can draw a simple conclusion – no plasma clouds were directed towards us at all, or this cloud has not yet approached and will arrive a little later, or the flare provoked the most powerful radiation of cosmic radiation without plasma emission in our direction.

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