Earth will be hit by a solar coronal mass ejection on April 25, 2021

After a strong (especially taking into account the low activity of the Sun) class C3.8 flare, our planet is exposed to streams of powerful cosmic radiation, which reaches “red values” yesterday and today.

The solar flare that occurred yesterday is directed towards Earth and the coronal mass approach ejected during this event will approach Earth on April 25.

This will trigger a strong geomagnetic storm (given the Earth’s unstable and weak magnetic field, its strength cannot be predicted, but the storm will be strong) when a coronal mass ejection (CME) is expected to strike the Earth’s magnetic field.

The CME was thrown in our direction yesterday due to a class C3.8 flare from sunspot AR2816. Auroras can spread to the northern states of the United States from Maine to Washington and will be observed in other countries, including Russia.

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