Earth’s shadow and sunset in one picture

The road, which is visible on this spectacular 360-degree panorama, crosses a remote mountainous region in the province of Jämtland in Sweden on the planet Earth. This panorama is a mosaic of 3×8 frames shot on May 3 by a small drone from a height of 200 meters above the ground.

The picture captures the warm light of the setting sun in the north-west and the dark shadow of our planet rising in the southeast. A small solar column allows you to find the position of the Sun under the horizon, and a pinkish anti-dusk arch, or the belt of Venus, surrounds the shadow of the Earth. In a surprisingly clear sky above the mountains, the Moon is visible in the phase of the first quarter. Its half-lit disc is in the middle of the picture, dividing the sunset and the rising of the shadow.

In order to capture the sunset and the shadow of the Earth differing in brightness, exposures of different duration were made. The highest mountain to the left of the setting sun is Stornsnazen, 1400 meters high above sea level.

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