Eight countries signed an agreement on the principles of Moon exploration

The United States and seven other countries have signed the agreement, reaffirming their commitment to peaceful, collaborative and transparent activities on the moon. Founding countries of Artemis Accords: Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, UK and USA.

NASA is in the midst of a multi-year program to return to the moon, dubbed Project Artemis, and the signing of the Accords is another step in this process.

Project Artemis is NASA’s ambitious plan to deliver “the first woman and the next man” to the moon in 2024, with the goal of creating a long-term base for scientific, research and ultimately commercial purposes. If the US Congress agrees to finance all these plans.

The new agreement reinforces the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which aims to prevent weapons of mass destruction from falling on the moon and other planets. The 1967 treaty was signed and ratified by 110 countries, including Russia, China and the United States.

The countries that signed the Artemis Accords agree to 10 principles, including peaceful exploration, transparency, emergency assistance to personnel in distress, public scientific disclosure and the safe disposal of space debris.

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