Experts doubt that the US will visit Mars before 2030

The US promised to send the first people to Mars by the 2030s, but experts in the field of outer space expressed doubts about the reach of this goal. Poor planning and lack of funds lead to constant delays. US President Donald Trump also set the task of sending Americans to the Moon – again, for the first time since the Apollo missions of the 60s and 70s – to test the technologies and ships that will carry people to Mars.

However, this decision – to return to the moon – can delay the whole process, because the previous President Barack Obama set the task to fly to Mars.

With an annual budget of 18 billion dollars, NASA needs an additional 3 billion a year to realize a trip to Mars. At the same time, the space agency is short of funds.

The National Academy of Sciences calculated that if the NASA budget moves as planned, “it is worth forgetting about the scenario of reaching Mars by the 2030s. Unless by 2050 “.

Obviously, no one will wait for such a long time and does not want to.

Chris Carberry, executive director of Explore Mars, believes that international and private partners could help the US get to Mars. However, they fear that the national rate may change. At the same time, experts have outlined a dozen technologies that need to be developed now, if the US wants to land people on Mars in 2030.

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