Five Asteroids Approaching Earth This Week

In its latest bulletin, NASA warned of five near-Earth objects heading towards our planet this week, one larger than the Statue of Liberty.

It will be the fierce finale of September, as five space rocks with diameters ranging from 11 to 110 meters should appear in just three days.

Starting on Monday, the 11-meter asteroid 2020 SY4 will fly within 724,000 km of Earth at a meteoric speed of 16.12 km / s (58,032 km / h, or 21 times faster than a bullet (2736 km / h).)

On Tuesday, the 110-meter-diameter PM7 2020 giant will fly by at a safe distance of 2.8 million km.

At the end of the show, on September 30, three space stones will fly by our planet: SV5 2020 with a diameter of 20 m will fly by at a distance of 1.2 million km; 2020 SQ measuring 12 m at a distance of 2.1 million km; and finally the 2020 SO2 of 37 m will pass us by 6.9 million km.

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