Flash class M5.5 is directed toward the Earth

For the last 12 hours, the group of spots No. 2673, which is near the center of the solar disk, produced a series of powerful flares of class M, the strongest of which reached class M 5.5 and was accompanied by a powerful ejection of the coronal mass towards the Earth.

According to experts, taking into account the speed of the outburst, it will reach our planet in 3 or 3 days after which a geomagnetic storm will begin, which can cause auroras up to the 50th parallel.

As we wrote earlier, this series of flares has already led to an increase in the level of proton flux at high energies, as a result of which a radiation storm of class S1 is now fixed on the Earth.

Radiation storms can cause disturbances and breakdowns in the equipment of space vehicles, lead to dangerous exposure of astronauts and the receipt of an increased dose of radiation by passengers and crews of jet aircraft at high latitudes.

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