Flight on Board the spaceship company “Blue Origin”

So, you, like any normal person, want to go to space. But how to get there? Just a couple of years you will be able to make space travel company Blue Origin. As it is, shows videos.

According to information on the website, “blue origin”, flight on Board the space system “new Shepard” (New Shepard) will be similar to a trip on a rocket. When you start with outer pad company in Texas people in the capsule will experience triple the force of gravity almost 2.5 minutes, when the first stage will rush up into space. On Board the “new Shepard” will not be pilots, so being a tourist “blue origin”, you will transmit on the radio altitude, speed, time, and gravity. After these extreme moments, the flight will continue at a more relaxed pace, allowing passengers to walk across the cabin and look out the huge Windows of the “new Shepard” at an altitude of 100 km above the Earth.

“The sky will darken, and you will move by inertia in space, you will be surrounded by silence”, — stated on the website. “Your capsule separates from the first stage. You will admire the freedom of weightlessness and lost in the breathtaking views through the large window in the history of space flights”.

But when minutes of weightlessness over, and the passengers will return to their places, will again begin to shake. During the landing “new Shepard” tourists will be exposed to five times the force of gravity. Then they will parachute back to their native Land.

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