Found a strange planet which was influenced by planet X

Planetary scientists have discovered a very strange dwarf planet 2011 KT19, which revolves in an orbit, is raised on its hind legs, in the opposite direction relative to all objects in the Solar system.

All eight planets and Pluto and all the other dwarf planets revolve around the Sun in one direction – counterclockwise, if you look at their orbits from the North pole of the star. The majority of them except Uranus, Venus and Pluto, to the same and revolve around its axis in the same direction. However, none of the planets revolving in a retrograde orbit, up to the present time.

Ying-Tung Chen (Ying-Tung Chen) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Taiwan, and his colleagues found that this rule is not subject to all of the major celestial bodies in the Solar system, watching a very strange dwarf planet inhabiting the Kuiper belt, for nearly five years.

This celestial body, KT19 2011, it was discovered automatic telescope Pan-STARRS 1 in may 2011 in the framework of observations of the largest asteroids living between the orbits of Pluto and Neptune. This part of the Solar system is a dump of unencumbered space materials, preserved since the formation of the Sun and planets 4.4 billion years ago.

By studying the images Pan-STARRS 1 from different years, which are two or object, KT19 2011, Cheng and his colleagues could not believe their eyes. It turned out that this dwarf planet is moving at unusual orbit, revolving in the opposite direction around the Sun compared to all other small celestial bodies of the Solar system, and its orbit is inclined to the Ecliptic plane is almost 90 degrees.

Astonished at such a strange discovery, the scientists double-checked his discovery, using a canadian telescope CFHT in Hawaii, the camera DECam search for dark energy and a number of other observatories in order to make sure that 2011 really KT19 revolves around the Sun in a similar way. Photos from other telescopes confirmed that this dwarf planet, nick, as named by astronomers, actually exists and has such an unusual orbit.

This word in translation from Chinese means rebel or rebellious, reflecting the nature of the movement 2011 KT19 around the Sun and its incompatibility with the usual order of things in the Solar system. For its size the nick is small enough dwarf planet whose diameter is less than 200 kilometers, and the bowels are composed of frozen gases and ice. Year on this planet lasts about 200 years, and it is located between the orbits of Neptune and Pluto.

According to planetary scientists, there are hints of the presence of another similar dwarf planet – Dracula 2008 KV42 that orbits in a similar orbit and is close to nick. Around them revolves the four major asteroid, which move in orbits in the opposite normal direction.

According to Chen, such a coincidence is not accidental and Dracula, and nick, and their satellites, the asteroids could be on a similar raised reared orbit due to the action of attraction of the mysterious planet X, open Constantine Batygin and Michael brown at the end of last year.

However, this explanation doesn’t quite fit with the observed data, and believes himself Batygin, while planetary scientists have no explanation as to how Dracula, nick, and their companions rose up against the usual order of things. Perhaps allow Batygin that there is, in addition to planet x, a number of other objects, introducing chaos into the life of the outskirts of the Solar system.

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