From space 234 of the received signal from extraterrestrial civilizations

Astrophysics said they had identified 234 of the signal that might send to extraterrestrials that live near stars similar to our Sun.

The results of a new study on a hypothetical extraterrestrial intelligence, was published recently. Canadian astrophysicists dedicated to “unusual periodic spectral modulations in a small proportion of solar-type stars” (this wording has led the scientists themselves). The researchers used Slanovskiy digital heavenly review – draft large-scale study of images and spectra of stars and galaxies, which uses a 2.5-meter wide-angle telescope in the American Observatory, Apache point.

The focus of the authors was a change in light intensity of stars: all was analyzed the performance of 2.5 million stars. Scientists have recorded 234 a strange signal emanating from the different stars. The signals have the same period, of 1.65 PS (one picosecond equals one trillionth share (10-12) seconds). It is important that all “alien messages” came from the stars belonging to the spectral class F2-K1. In other words, similar to our Sun. Scientists say that to explain such “stellar metamorphosis” except the activity of aliens pretty hard. According to astrophysicists, an advanced extraterrestrial civilization can consciously change the luminosity loved stars, in order to send a signal about its existence. For this purpose, for example, they can use lasers.

But even if we assume that the signals sent by aliens to answer them in the same way would be impossible – people have not yet reached a level of development. So what do the authors propose to use the normal radio signals.

However, not everyone shares the “zeal” of canadian astrophysicists. Recently, for example, the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said that people, in the case of receiving a signal from the “aliens” better to lay low. Otherwise, we risk repeating the fate of native Americans, which won the European colonizers. And before Hawking admitted the existence of an aggressive “space nomads” like those we might see in the movie “independence Day.”

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