From the lunar dust you can build dwellings

Scientists are ready to build scientific bases and dwellings on the Moon from local natural material.

Our only satellite has enough material to start a grandiose construction.

The surface of the moon is covered with gray coarse dust. Which once can be used to build colonies and a scientific base on the surface of our natural satellite. This powdery soil today is seen by the scientist as an ideal material available for construction on the moon. Experiments show that the lunar dust can be baked and pressed into blocks to create reliable building bricks.

“Moon bricks really will be made from dust,” said Aidan Cowley, a scientific adviser from the European Space Agency. He studied the lunar dust for a long time and conducted various experiments with it.

“You can safely create solid blocks of lunar dust in order to build roads and launch sites, as well as scientific bases and homes for the life and work of astronauts on the surface of the moon. Buildings of lunar dust should protect astronauts from the aggressive lunar environment, “the scientist added.

European experts consider lunar dust as the best option for creating a permanent lunar colony. The use of this material allows autonomously building on the Moon without the need to bring construction materials from the Earth, which would be a very costly and inconvenient decision.

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