Geomagnetic storm begins on Earth

According to forecasts, the geomagnetic storm was to begin tomorrow, July 23, after the flare of the 20th, but the Earth is currently registering a geomagnetic storm reaching values Kr4.

There was a small solar flare today and this storm may be related to it or NASA forecasters were wrong and the plasma cloud came in earlier than expected.

A filament of magnetism near sunspot AR2846 erupted on July 20, causing a Class B solar flare and throwing a plasma cloud into space. Normally, the location of the explosion excludes any impact on Earth. However, the plasma clouds of the explosion blew apart.

NOAA modeling suggested that the edge of the cloud would hit Earth’s magnetic field on July 23 or 24, causing geomagnetic storms; if so, today’s geomagnetic storm will continue upon the arrival of this plasma cloud.

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