Have become interested in unknown signals from space in FBI

Scientists of NASA have declassified a part of information on an origin of unknown signals from space, the accepted their distant corners of space. Intelligence agencies of the USA will help experts to decipher alien messages.

The first similar space signals have admitted to NASA even in the spring of this year. The initial version of their origin scientists called messages with the ISS which have been distorted as a result of influence of space beams. Having analysed this version, scientists haven’t confirmed it, and an exact source of signals to define it wasn’t presented possible. However certain factors indicated considerable remoteness of a source of signals from the Milky Way.

There is a version that messages to Earth were transferred by a loud-speaker which is in several billion light years from our planet. As for the characteristic of signals, researchers their certain rate and repeatability has most of all interested. Also an impression of intelligent character of these signals intended for interpretation was made. The staff of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was extremely interested in the nature of inexplicable space messages therefore they will take this business under control.

Opponents of an alien origin of messages continue to insist on their natural character. Explaining with the fact that it has resulted from activization of unknown earlier space upsound.

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