Hayabusa-2 photographed its destination

The Japanese Space Agency JAXA published its first photograph of the possible destination of their automatic interplanetary station Hayabusa-2.

It’s about the asteroid Ryugu, whose photo was taken just a few days ago, namely on February 26th.

According to the announcement on the official website dedicated to the mission, 300 images were submitted, nine of which were transferred to the ground just one day after the shooting.

The cameras of Hayabus-2 spacecraft were able to conduct a trial of the potential object of their research due to the fact that its cameras were just directed towards the location of the asteroid Ryuga.

Ryuga is a typical representative of the Apollo asteroids. It has a dark surface and an elongated orbit. Due to such an elongated orbit, the asteroid, moving around the Sun, crosses both the orbit of our planet, and Mars.

This asteroid was first discovered on May 10, 1999 by a telescope at the Observatory at Socorro Observatory, under the LINEAR project.

It is expected that the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 will settle on the surface of Ryuga and make a sampling of its samples for further research.

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