How to cut cosmonauts

Roskosmos published on its website a panoramic video that demonstrated the process of cutting in space: the Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov with the help of a special machine makes a haircut to his colleague Alexander Misurkin.

Astronauts use a special machine – it is combined with a vacuum cleaner hose so that the cropped hair does not scatter in weightlessness throughout the station, do not interfere with the crew and do not damage the equipment.

The video shows how Misurkin asks Shkaplerov to make him a more “vertical” hairstyle, “not a cucumber”. At the same time, the American cosmonaut Joe Aqaba joins the Russian cosmonauts and jokingly agrees that Shkaplerov tonsure him for three dollars.

Now the astronauts are on Earth. Misurkin returned home on February 28, while Shkaplerov returned on June 3.

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