Hubble photographed a strange black hole

Chatkamera the Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) astronomical Observatory, Hubble took pictures of an unusual black hole. The light that it emits does not match the type and size of the object, according to the website of the Observatory.

A strange black hole

In the center of the image is a spiral galaxy RXJ1140.1 0307 in the constellation Virgo. It lies about a billion light years from Earth.
Inside most large galaxies, such RXJ1140.1 0307, are black holes. However, in this case, the light which radiates, a black hole does not match the type and size of the object.

Scientists note that if the received data is correct, then the black hole in the center of the galaxy RXJ1140.1 0307 violate the laws of physics. The galaxy is centered around one of the least massive black holes and the emitted light corresponds to a larger object.

It is assumed that between the inner and outer parts of the accretion disk that surrounds a black hole inside the galaxy, there are special mechanisms of interaction. They are yet almost nothing is known, and experts seek to shed light on what is happening in the galaxy.graviroval was a strange black hole

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