Hubble saw the wrong galaxy

Thanks to the powerful “eyes” of the Hubble Observatory, the scientists looked at the irregular galaxy IC 4710 in detail.

The IC 4710 was discovered in 1900 by astronomer Delisle Stewart. The photo below of this object was taken with the help of the legendary Hubble Space Telescope.

Galaxy IC 4710 is an impressive cloud of bright stars with bright pockets. Here we see distinct traces of the starburst flare.

IC 4710 is a dwarfish irregular galaxy. From the name it is clear that such galaxies have an irregular and chaotic form. They lack central convexities, as well as spiral arms. These similar galaxies differ from elliptical and spiral galaxies.

IC 4710 is about 25 million light-years away from our planet in the southern constellation of Peacock. This constellation also contains the third brightest globular star cluster NGC 6752.

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