“Hubble” space saw “the spider”

Space telescope “Hubble” captures a perfect, but a little frightening planetary nebula, the Red Spider. The object is located at a distance of three thousand svetih years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius. The nebula is quite symmetrical and seem to have two blades.

As soon as the star starts to finish the journey of life, it casts off its outer layers, and creates a shell of gas and plasma that you see then as the lights of unusual shape. Inside the nebula red Spider hiding in one of the hot stars, which emit waves with a height of about 100 billion kilometers. Waves generated by the supersonic shock wave when the gas is compressed and heats up.

In the milky Way there are about a thousand of these planetary nebulae and their role in the evolution of galaxies is large enough that they are able to recycle heavy elements created by stars, and find a use for them in space.

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