Hungarian physicists say about the opening of the “fifth force of nature”

Scientists from Hungary have found hints of the existence of physics beyond The standard model of the microcosm. They discovered evidence the presence of not four but five fundamental forces of nature, reports the news service of the journal Nature.

At the end of last year Krasnahorkai Attila (Attila Krasznahorkay) Institute for nuclear physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Debrecen and its colleagues published an article in which they talked about the unusual
the results of observations of what occurs during the transition of the atom beryllium-8 from the excited to the normal state during the synthesis of beryllium during the bombing of the sheet of lithium by protons.

How to tell the scientists, under certain circumstances, this process leads to the birth of photons and pairs electron-positron, a kind of unstable mini-atoms of the particles of matter and antimatter. By itself, this fact is not unusual – such processes occur in nature and in space regularly. Amazing was how the birth of these particles.

To put electrons into a corner

The standard model of physics predicts that the frequency of appearance of such couples will greatly depend on that under what angle will be to scatter the emerging electrons and positrons – the greater the angle, the less should be the “atoms” of positronium, as they call such design scientists.

To the great surprise Krasnahorkai and his colleagues, was something otherwise – when the angle of scattering was close to the mark at 140 degrees, the number electron-positron pairs grew dramatically. It pointed to the fact that this process involved some particles or forces beyond Of the standard model.

As suggested by Hungarian physicists, such behavior of beryllium-8 is associated because of its nucleus during their formation in the sheet of lithium emit special ultra-light boson particle-the carrier of one of the four
fundamental interactions, which decays to an electron and a positron.

Krasnahorkai believes that the particle, whose mass is approximately 17 MeV (megaelectron-volt) is the so-called “dark the photon is the carrier of electromagnetic interactions, is able to influence the behaviour of dark matter particles.


Such statements and the results of the experiments attracted the attention of theorists from the University of California, Irvine (USA), who believe, what the team Krasnahorkai unable to open something more – a fifth fundamental force that affects matter on a par with gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces.

Her carrier is the particle, which was opened by Hungarian physics – California scientists propose to call it “protopopovym X-boson”. Such the name refers to the fact that they believe this particle do not interact with protons and electrons like ordinary photons and their “dark” counterparts, and with electrons and neutrons.

Other scholars disagree with such an interpretation of the results Krasnahorkai and his colleagues. Nature physics of respondents believe that such behavior is unlikely, though in principle possible, and other suggest you wait for the re-examination of the experiments of Hungarian physicists, which will hold the DarkLight collaboration in the coming year.

“In the original experimental work, which is based on these a theoretical construct, suggests that the observation of transitions between excited States of an atom of beryllium-8 give the results at variance with current theoretical description. Every deviation in nuclear physics arise regularly as adequately count the spectrum of excitations of nuclei, even the light, very hard,” commented on study Igor Ivanov, the famous Russian physicist and popularizer of science.

As Ivanov writes, similar unexplained spikes and anomalies found before and during the observation of the behavior of neutrinos and the experiments on the TANK, which subsequently “resolved” with the accumulation of data and improve the accuracy of the detectors.

“Therefore, in this case, it is almost guaranteed to be bad describe the effect of nuclear physics. But the theoretical article on which written article in Nature News, this is just standard for theorists work — assume that the deviation is real, and pospokoynee on the topic, what it could be “new physics”. They have that right”, — concludes the scientist.


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