In 2017 there will be a full solar Eclipse

In 2017, we are lucky to witness the two solar eclipses: total and annular and lunar eclipses – penumbral, and private.

What is a full Eclipse of the Sun to guess it is a phenomenon in which the Moon completely covers the disk of the sun, and people watching from the Ground for a while, the Sun will not be seen at all.

The phenomenon of annular solar Eclipse slightly more complicated. During such events the Earth will be seen a rim that will remain from the Sun when it hide behind the lunar surface. The annular solar Eclipse will occur on 26 February 2017, a total solar Eclipse we can see the August 21, 2017.

Lunar Eclipse in 2017

Lunar eclipses occur only during full moons, in 2017, there will be two penumbral and private. To understand what it is should know about what the shadow and penumbra. These definitions are especially familiar to artists, because they have to work with similar techniques in painting to create the illusion of volume to the object on the paper.

In life the shadow and the penumbra is found everywhere. But the large scale of the phenomenon is in space. The moon casts on the Ground her shadow, around which there is a larger circumference partial shade – shade, which the sun’s rays penetrate, making it transparent and weak.

Penumbral lunar Eclipse means that during this phenomenon the Earth will fall straight under the shadow of the moon, but only in its penumbra, why the change in brightness of the moon will not be recorded to the naked eye. Penumbral lunar Eclipse will happen on 11 February 2017. In the case when the Moon falls under the earth’s shadow only partially, astrologers say about the partial lunar Eclipse. It can be observed to be 7 August 2017.

The influence of eclipses on man

In addition to psychological effects, lunar and solar eclipses have an impact on human health. During such events, there are cases of hypertensive abnormalities, which may cause headaches, palpitations and even irritability.

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