In November the Earth will plunge into total darkness?

NASA did a very unusual news that from 15 to 29 November 2016, the Earth will plunge into total darkness. It is reported that astronomers could not grasp the essence of this phenomenon, but now found that this global blackout will be the result of celestial events between Venus, Jupiter and the Sun.

Charles Bolden, head of NASA, published a report which explained in detail what is this strange event.

Venus and Jupiter will work closely, the difference between them will be only 1 degree. Venus will pass Jupiter in the South-West and this will lead to the fact that Venus will Shine 10 times brighter than Jupiter. This light will heat the gases on Jupiter and it will release huge amounts of hydrogen into space, which will come into contact with the Sun on the surface which will cause a giant explosion, which will increase the temperature lights up to 9000 degrees Celsius. The sun will change color, acquiring a bluish tinge. It’ll take at least 15 days to get back to normal.

This information is not new so to speak. The same predictions 15 days of darkness spread in 2015 and even time period was the same from 15 to 29 November, but it never happened. I tried to find report Charles Bolden is referring to the Western media, spreading the news, but nothing like you found I could not.

Description of the causes of global dimming, third in international journals, as well puzzling. How the convergence of planets in the sky can cause all of these disasters is unclear. The convergence of Venus and Jupiter is possible only visually, but this does not mean that they are really close to each other. We see them closer to the earth, but actually the distance is more than 800 million kilometers.

Thus it is unclear how the light from Venus can cause the emission of gases on Jupiter. Even if we assume that on Jupiter there will a huge emission of gases, they simply will not be able to overcome its huge gravity and fly into space to reach the Sun.

Then even funnier, even if gases in some incredible way all the same will reach the Sun, how they make it the color blue. This is all some bizarre turns, which is generally astronomy is irrelevant. The text of the alleged report of the head of NASA, obviously written by a man not at all familiar with astronomy.

No gases of Jupiter can’t affect the Sun, located it at 778 million kilometers. Even if Jupiter change places with the Venus, it does on our Sun will not affect and will not cause any days of darkness. The sun is 1000 times more massive than Jupiter and it generally sneeze, some emissions from this planet, even they occured in reality.

Summing up on information supposedly contained in the report of the head of NASA, I can say only one thing – absurdity and nonsense, written once again for the fuss, some journalist dropout.

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