In the lunar crater of Evdoks, a pyramid

In the lunar crater of the Evdoks located in a mountainous area between the Sea of ​​Clarity and the Sea of ​​Cold in photographs sent by the LROC spacecraft, the pyramid in the center is clearly visible.

The original image can be viewed on the site of the LROC mission or downloaded to the computer in the maximum resolution:

WAC_HAPKE_3BAND_E350N0450.PYR.TIF ​​- (146.26 MB)

The Eudoxus crater (the Latin Eudoxus) is a relatively young impact crater on the visible side of the Moon, lying to the east of the northern extremity of the Caucasus Mountains, in the mountainous area between the Sea of ​​Clarity and the Sea of ​​Cold. Named after the ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer Eudoxus of Cnidus (about 408 BC – about 355 BC). The name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1935. The crater is relatively young, its formation refers to the Copernican period.

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