In the Republic of Khakassia, Russia – was a meteorite

A lot of witnesses in the town of Sayanogorsk watched the flight of a bright object, blue in color, and then occurred a loud explosion and there was a powerful flash that illuminated everything around for miles.

Father-in-law lives in Cheremushki. Said on the phone, that he personally saw something fiery flew over the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, and fell into the taiga in the area of school of the reservoir. He shook very much, – says one of the residents.

The meteorite exploded in 18.37 local time over the city of Sayanogorsk.

Sayanogorsk is a city in Russia, in the Republic of Khakassia, an administrative center of the city district the city of Sayanogorsk. In area and population ranks third in the region. The population of the 48 299 people.

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