In the sky over China, a large meteorite exploded

Residents of the Chinese province of Yunnan witnessed a terrific phenomenon when a bright glowing ball rapidly appeared flying to the ground in the night sky over the city of Jinghong, located in the south-west of the country.

Then came a powerful flash that illuminated everything around for many tens of kilometers. Scientists suggested that it was the fall of a large meteorite that entered the dense atmosphere of the Earth and collapsed without reaching its surface, but groups have already been sent to the place of the alleged fall to search for debris of this unknown heavenly guest ..

Interesting. that from the Chinese districts of Simao and Jinghong the same reports were received about the fall of a bright glowing object. While it was not clear whether this was an object or China fell several times

According to eyewitnesses, the sky suddenly shone brightly, and then for a few minutes a very loud sound and rumbling was heard, followed by a bright flash that lit everything around and became light as day.

It is worth noting that the fall of the celestial body was a complete surprise for astronomers, who can not tell where this space wanderer came from. Earth-based space-tracking systems also failed to notice this object before reports of its fall appeared.

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