In the sky over South Africa, a large asteroid exploded

On June 2, astronomers discovered a space object rapidly approaching the Earth at a speed of 45 thousand kilometers per hour. The object was called ZLAF9B2 and in a couple of hours this asteroid exploded in the sky over South Africa.

According to scientists, the diameter of this asteroid reached 5 meters. The appearance of this asteroid turned out to be a big surprise for scientists. The first to notice the approach of the asteroid scientists in North America with the help of a powerful telescope in Arizona.

According to eyewitnesses, a fireball appeared in the sky, which rumbled noisily over the sky, and then exploded with a bright flash and a loud crash. The color of the flash was yellow, which according to astronomers is of interest to the concept of the structure of this space visitor. The yellow color indicates that it contained a lot of sodium.

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