India may start mining helium-3 on the moon by 2030

India by 2030 will be ready to produce helium-3 on the moon for use as an energy resource, according to the Agency IANS a reference to the distinguished Professor Indian space research organization (ISRO) Sivathanu Pillai.

He noted that the development of the lunar surface rich in helium-3, is the priority for ISRO.

“By 2030, this process (of using helium-3 as energy source) will be possible,” the Agency quoted Pillai.

He also added that many countries are exploring the possibility of mining helium-3 on the moon, according to the scientist, the resources of the satellite will be enough for everyone. The same estimates hold Russian scientists. As previously stated, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, head of research at the lunar and planetary State astronomical Institute of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Vladislav Shevchenko on the moon, helium-3 can provide earthlings with energy for five thousand years.

Currently, the isotope helium-3 on Earth is produced in very small quantities, amounting to several tens of grams per year.

On the moon the stocks of this valuable isotope are, by conservative estimates, about 500 thousand tons. When fusion when the reaction takes 1 ton of helium-3 from 0.67 tons of deuterium, releasing energy equivalent to combustion of about 15 million tons of oil.

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