India postponed the flight to the moon

The Indian Space Research Organization reports that the launch of the automatic automatic lunar “Chandrayaan-2”, scheduled earlier on April 23, was postponed to October 2018. The reason for the cancellation was protracted tests of the device, which can not be completed on time.

Chairman of the organization K. Siwan explained that the testing of the spacecraft is still incomplete. To check everything thoroughly, it will take at least twenty days, so even with all the desire to start the device in the previously scheduled time will not work. To make the mission perfect, it was decided to postpone the launch at the beginning of October.

“If we start the mission from May to September, we will not be able to use for the experiments on the moon a full lunar day because of eclipses. Therefore, we decided to postpone the start of the mission to ISRO for the first week of October, “Sivan told the publication.

Earlier it was reported that in 2018 India intends to send to the Moon’s orbit the “Chandrayaan-2” apparatus and land a rover of its own design on its surface. The “Chandrayaan-2” apparatus should become the successor of the automatic station “Chandrayaan-1”, which was launched to the Moon in October 2008.

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