Interesting facts about the satellite of the Earth – the Moon

The moon “looks” at the Earth always with one side, while rocking slightly, giving us the opportunity to look a little at the visible edge of it from one side or the other. Thanks to this, we can view from the Earth (of course, not simultaneously) 59 percent of the entire lunar surface. Invisible from the Earth, part of the surface of the Moon is 41 percent of its entire surface, and 18 percent of the entire surface is visible, then invisible.

2. The moon makes a complete revolution around the Earth in 27.3 days, while the Earth turns around the Sun for 1 year (365.24 days).

3. The acceleration of free fall on the surface of the moon is 1.622 meters per second per second, which is 16.5 percent (or approximately 1/6) of the acceleration of gravity on the surface of the Earth. Thus, the astronaut on the surface of the Moon weighs about 6 times less than on the surface of the Earth.

4. The average equatorial diameter of the Moon is 3474.8 kilometers and is 27.24 percent of the Earth’s. The area of ​​the lunar surface is 7.4 percent of the area of ​​the earth’s surface, and the volume of the moon is only 2 percent of the earth’s volume. The weight of the Moon is 1.23 percent of the Earth’s mass.

5. The daily temperature drop on the surface of the Moon is very high: the temperature drops to minus 170 degrees Celsius at night and rises to plus 130 degrees Celsius when the Sun is in the lunar zenith.

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