Israel’s former head of space security is convinced: aliens exist, but humanity is not ready for them

Recently, the former head of space security of Israel, Haim Eshed, stated that contacts with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization have been taking place on Earth for a long time, but they have been hidden from the public. He also stressed that people are not yet ready for this discovery.

Eshed said that there is a “Galactic Federation,” which includes representatives of various civilizations. He claims that it has contacts with Earth and even helps us in our development. However, in Eshed’s opinion, humans are not yet ready for this discovery and the public needs to be prepared.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time such claims have been made. For example, in 2017, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell stated that there have been alien contacts on Earth for a long time, but that governments are hiding this information.

Of course, many scientists are skeptical of these claims. Some believe that these are simply fantasies of people who want to believe in the existence of aliens. However, there are also those who openly express their opinions on the subject.

For example, Professor Christopher Conti of the University of Arizona believes that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life in the galaxy. He also notes that humanity is already ready for this discovery and should prepare for contact with aliens.

Overall, the question of the existence of aliens remains open. Some claim that they are already here and helping us, while others believe that this is just a fantasy. In any case, we should prepare for possible contact and continue to explore the cosmos.

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