ISS cameras record a huge cluster of UFOs near the Earth

From February 2020 to the first week of May, countless strange space anomalies and UFO groups appeared live on the ISS stern chamber while passing the Earth. Now, three weeks later, the ISS broadcast live a second wave of these anomalies, a cluster of UFOs and debris of unknown origin.

Images of these UFOs show that they fly in large, coordinated groups.

It is noteworthy that this second wave also follows the same flight path as the first wave, indicating that something is happening in deep space, which causes all these UFOs to flee to other places.

Such events can no longer be just an accident. The number of unidentified space objects is astounding and never before have alien ships near this planet been recorded in such a quantity. It all started in February this year, when two UFO groups appeared in the solar system, which are most likely alien combat squadrons.

This conclusion can be drawn from the subsequent occurrence and the collision of these two groups with each other, after which a lot of fragments and small UFOs were formed that resembled the dumping of rescue capsules with the crew of damaged spaceships. A gigantic explosion was recorded on the Sun during the same period, which most likely was also associated with these Star Wars.

Now we see a huge flotilla of UFOs, which is apparently going out of our solar system. If so, then this is most likely the remains of an alien fleet that was defeated in this space battle. It remains to understand who won the battle – those who got in the way of the alien invaders flying to capture our planet or these are the remnants of the fleet of these defenders who lost the mission to protect our planet from aggressors …

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