Japan will put to orbit the device for destruction of space debris

The Japanese agency of space researches (JAXA) is going to put to orbit the device for destruction of garbage in near-earth space.

On December 9 at 16:26 Moscow time from the spaceport on the southern island of Tanegashima start of the carrier rocket H-IIB with the cargo HTV-6 spaceship which will deliver several tons of various freights to the International Space Station will be performed.

Within this start of JAXA plans not only to visit the ISS, but also to perform start of “a space lace”: on the way back the Japanese truck will send to space new test technology for destruction of orbital garbage.

700-meter “lace” – the difficult device which will create the electromagnetic field capable to brake garbage in flight to remove it in dense beds of the atmosphere of Earth where various waste from an orbit, in particular old companions, their fragments and fragments, shall burn down completely.

Japanese note that the current flight – test. If “lace” will well prove, JAXA will begin to use such devices for cleaning of orbits at the height from 800 to 1400 km where especially there is a lot of garbage.

Let’s remind that last week in the Queen the scientific and practical conference “Astronautics of the 21st Century” within which the problem of space debris on Earth orbit among others was discussed came to the end. Conferees noted that the orbital garbage can threaten development of a space industry on Earth in 100–200 years.

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