Lost communication with robots Hayabusa-2

On Friday, September 21, two mini robots MINERVA-II1A and MINERVA-II1B, as planned, disconnected from the automatic interplanetary station Hayabusa2 and headed toward the asteroid Ryugu.

Unfortunately, till now it is not known how the disconnected miniature automatic devices feel, but the mission specialists monitor the situation. The thing is that after a time of disconnection of the robots, communication with them was established, but this morning, it again disappeared. Despite everything, the scientists of the Japanese mission do not panic and continue trying to establish a connection with the MINERVA-II1A and MINERVA-II1B.

“The connection with MINERVA-II1A is currently discontinued. Perhaps this is due to the rotation of the asteroid. And MINERVA-II1B is now on the far side of the asteroid. At the moment, we are working on confirming whether photos of this robot landing on Ryugu surface have been received.

Every 7.5 hours a 900-meter asteroid performs full rotation. This can be the cause of loss of communication with robots. It is necessary to wait a little and, probably, communication will be adjusted itself.

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