M1.6 solar flare directed at the Earth

Sunspot AR2882 erupted on the morning of October 9, triggering a massive M1.6-class solar flare aimed at Earth.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics system detected the flare in the extreme ultraviolet range:

Radiation from the flare ionized Earth’s upper atmosphere. This, in turn, caused shortwave radio broadcasts over the Indian Ocean to shut down. Aviators, radio operators, and marine vessels could notice strange radio effects on frequencies below 25 MHz.


New SOHO images confirm that the explosion ejected the CME almost directly toward Earth.

The plasma cloud is likely to reach Earth on October 11 or 12, which could lead to geomagnetic storms.

A more accurate estimate of the arrival time of the CME may come from NOAA’s computer simulations, which are currently underway.

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