Mars could become lifeless because of global warming

Global warming could destroy life on Mars. Such assumptions were stated by planetologists after the long researches.

Many educations are similar to the surfaces of the Red planet on located in Arizona (USA) Grand Canyon whose age makes 16 million years. According to scientists, these natural objects were formed according to the same scheme. Respectively, Mars has been filled with water which supported activity of organisms.

After the planet has frozen, and it happened about 3,8 billion years ago, some organisms could die, but most of them continued the existence. According to the latest data, the planet has undergone the next climatic changes about ten million years ago, as has destroyed all biological organisms.

Earlier extermination of all live on Mars was attributed to asteroids, but their influence assumes that it has to take place several thousands of years that everything has died, but not tens of millions, as is well-known now. Only global warming could provoke such changes.

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