Mars lost the atmosphere in passing through interstellar clouds

Scientists from the Institute for space Sciences announced that clarified important reason why Mars lost its atmosphere. The data received from the spacecraft MAVEN, indicates that Mars lost the atmosphere in passing through interstellar clouds.

The data obtained with the apparatus of MAVEN shows that ionized radiation from the Sun, of course, played a key role in the process of the loss of Mars ‘ atmosphere, but no less important was the role of the interstellar clouds. From time to time we move through a vast and dense cloud of gas and dust. This event lasts about one million years, say astrophysics.

With Mars it happened no less than 135 times. And each time the planet was going through the same process – the gas and dust in an interstellar cloud encountered by the solar wind and created a powerful shock wave that accelerates charged particles and the result of each passing through an interstellar cloud Mars has lost at least 0.5 percent of its atmosphere.

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