Mars mystery stone balls

The Curiosity Rover sent to Earth the photo was taken on Mars on 6 January 2017 and it is clearly visible the strange, perfectly round Orb with a diameter of 5 centimeters. This ball is different in color from the surrounding rock and has a dark gray color. It lies on the surface slightly buried in the sand.

On Earth like stone balls sometimes find and geologists consider them the glandular nodules, which are formed by the compaction of sediments in the coal fields. In the middle of such balls often find organic remains, mineral or bacterial clusters that serve as the basis for its growth. Scientists believe that all earthly concretions originally formed on the ocean floor around the remains of shells, bones of animals and fish, and then the ocean disappeared and these formations were on the surface.

The question remains, what is this Martian ball stone if he did. What kind of material, marble, iron or another structure. Interestingly, this same ball had already hit the lens of the Rover and then it would show up on black-and-white photographs NASA published on 20 December 2016. A year has passed, and this mysterious Orb and is in its place.

I wonder what these balls on the surface of Mars is apparently a lot, as even one hit on the photo taken by the Rover’s September 9, 2014.

10 APR 2015 in the lens of the Rover hit another amazing ball of dark colors – levitating above the surface near the mountain, Mount Sharp.

It is a pity that NASA did not want to send the Rover to study the composition of one of these balls, and maybe sent, but the results of studies of the public said no…

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