Martian Ingenuity helicopter takes first color shot

Image quality is poor, but this is the first photo – future shots should be sharper.

In the photo you can see the bottom of the Martian crater Jezero and part of the Perseverance rover – two of its wheels hit the top of the frame.

According to NASA scientists, the first shot of Ingenuity should be considered a trial one. Future photos should come out better, they will be sharper.

The small helicopter will make its first flight very soon. This is not expected to happen until April 11th. During its flight, a 13 megapixel camera will take pictures of the planet’s surface and transmit data to researchers.

The Perseverance rover will try to capture the Ingenuity flight program. He will be filming what is happening with his camera system. It is also possible that the rover will successfully record the sounds of a helicopter flight thanks to its two on-board microphones.

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